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Energy procurement

At BrightSourced Energy we take the hassle out of your energy procurement. With so many commercial energy providers in the UK, it can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate through the offerings and find the right supplier for your business.

Our team of dedicated procurement analysts continuously assess the market for the best rates for commercial usage to suit your consumption, ensuring you always get energy at the most competitive price.

Our team can –

  • Ensure timely termination of existing contract agreements and liaise with the supplier on your behalf
  • Negotiate bespoke terms suitable to your business requirements
  • Obtain competitive prices through a thorough tender process
  • Provide suppliers with your unique consumption trends and usage patterns to quote for your business
  • Continuously monitor whether the contract you have chosen works for you and advise on the best time to purchase your business energy in line with wholesale daily monitoring
  • Analyse the energy market and synthesize data for real-time intelligence on prices and energy trends
  • Advice on the best type of energy contract for your business be it fixed or flexi


Redrow Homes
Redrow Homes have a long standing and ongoing relationship with BrightSourced Energy whose efficient and professional approach have consistently enabled us to broker the best deals available for electricity and gas supplies for our divisional offices across the UK.  They have provided us with valuable assistance in collating data in connection with CRC and carbon footprint reporting and I would thoroughly recommend their services. Nigel Smith

Research and Sustainability Director, Redrow Homes Ltd

Fixed or Flexi Energy Contracts

Fixed or Flexi – Which one is best for me?

No one solution fits all which is why we offer both fixed and flexible energy contracts.

Fixed price energy contracts allow a business to agree on a price for future delivery of their contracted energy volumes over a period of 12, 24 or 36 months.

Flexible energy contracts spread the risk of energy purchasing and take advantage of wholesale price movements to take advantage of short-term price volatility.

Fixed Energy contracts

Why choose a fixed energy contract?
  • Suitable for customers who want to agree a unit price for energy which is then frozen throughout the duration of the contract
  • No price hikes so it’s easier to budget for energy costs
  • Simple to manage and can be applied to your entire energy portfolio, giving you peace of mind that you will pay the same amount each month over the course of your tariff

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Flexi Energy contracts

Why choose a flexible energy contract?
  • Suitable for customers with a large energy volume requirement or who simply want greater control over their energy buying decisions
  • Flexible contracts allows you to procure energy that manipulates market trends at times to suit your business
  • They provide the ability to spread energy purchasing decisions over a period of time, distributing some of the risks associated with large commercial purchases