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ESOS Phase 2 deadline

Feb 2020

Have you missed the ESOS Phase 2 deadline? We are here to get you covered ASAP!

Finalists at the Energy Live Personality Awards

November 2018

BrightSourced are thrilled that our colleague Debbie Postill has been shortlisted as a finalist for Female Rising star and Female Energy Manager of the year at the prestigious Energy Live Personality Awards 2018. 

Well Done Debbie!

With 1 in 3 water bills containing errors

Feb 2020

Are you being charged correctly for your commercial water? 

Will Brexit be the death of ESOS?

November 2018

With the UK government currently negotiating our Brexit withdrawal, many people are asking how it may affect ESOS. Although it is currently preserved in UK law, there is no concrete evidence to say it will remain should we leave the EU, so if it’s set to become superfluous should we even bother complying?

Welcome back Cheryl!

Jan 2020

Welcome back to Cheryl who has returned from maternity leave. 

SME Utility Cost Comparison Platform

October 2018

Our platform allows you to compare live quotes in real time, accept the prices found on the platform and switch all in one transaction, with NO time-consuming verification phone calls. It’s quick, FREE, easy to use, and fits around your needs, taking away any hassle.

BrightSourced Energy - reduces Orchard Valley Foods Group's Electricity Bills by 56%

September 2018

OVF were experiencing inflated electricity bills and wanted to reduce their electricity costs as well as their overall energy consumption. BrightSourced Energy helped achieve 56% savings on previous costs. 

BrightSourced - Maximising returns in procurement at the H&C Expo

August 2018

BrightSourced is a one stop shop for procurement consultancy with the addition of a dedicated energy division. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the hotel and catering industry, they were approached to exhibit at the H&C Expo to meet with professionals within the field.

Strength in numbers: Bank Brokers and BrightSourced join forces to help cut costs for hospitality.

June 2018

A new commercial partnership between cost reduction service Bank Brokers and procurement company BrightSourced will help hospitality and catering companies save costs across all areas to make them more robust.

In July 2017, BrightSourced acquired BrightSourced Energy, formerly known as Utility Forum

August 2017

BrightSourced Energy has given BrightSourced the ability to offer our clients, both old and new, utility procurement as well as eProcurement and are proud to extend the same level of proficiency.

Industry news

Rogue energy brokers 'con small businesses out of £2bn'

Jan 2020

Small business are being conned out of £2bn by rougue “energy brokers” who lock them into long-term bad-value gas and electricity contracts.

Wasted energy 'costing businesses £60m a year in unnecessary bills

Jan 2020

Businesses are paying around £60 million in unnecessary energy bills annually as a result of energy being wasted every year.

The Triad Season 2019 is here! See what you need to do

October 2019

The Triad period will commence on the 1st of November 2019 and these peak time charges can have a significant impact on your energy bills for the next financial year. 

Aquaflow Utilities enters into liquidation

April 2019

Ofwat has worked with market operator, MOSL, to switch the affected customers, who should receive information from the newly appointed company although they are not tied 

Bristol, OVO and TOTO Energy raise prices

March 2019

All the Big 6 suppliers – as well as smaller companies, have raised prices. Customers are being advised to shop around for the best deal on the market.

Electricity switching hit record levels in 2018

January 2019

More than 5.8 million – or one in five – customers moved to a different power supplier last year to ensure they are on the best energy tariff, whether that be on price, service or green considerations.