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Cost Recovery

Utility bills consist of many elements and the actual wholesale utility cost makes up less than half of the total bill. Added charges such as Distribution Use of System (DUoS), supply capacity, climate change levy and standing charges contribute to the rest.

With so many factors making up your total bill cost there is plenty of scope for error. Our highly trained team of auditors have years of experience in historical energy auditing & recovery and within government guidelines recovery of errors can be pursued for the last five years in Scotland and six years in the rest of the UK.

Historical Energy Audit

Why choose us?

  • Robust analysis system with proven results
  • Successfully saved Barts Health NHS Trust circa of £500,000
  • Scrutinise and evaluate your past paid utility bills to identify any errors
  • We can go back as far as 6 years to look for miscalculations and irregularities
  • If anomalies are detected, we negotiate with your utility supplier to ensure any recoveries are passed directly onto you
  • All audits have no effect on any supplier agreements already in place

“BrightSourced managed the whole process on our behalf and saved us over 60% on our water retail costs, which in a trust of our size, is a tremendous saving!


Their expertise in this field coupled with their innovative technology, ensured professional delivery and a transparent and compliant result.”

Mr Bradley Royden-JonesSenior Procurement Lead