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Utility Bureau Service

It is estimated that at least 1 in 5 utility invoices are incorrect and here at BrightSourced Energy we have a dedicated team to ensure your utility bills are accurate and you never get mischarged.

We have helped detect and recover thousands of pounds worth of billing errors and pass these onto the consumer as well as saving companies from being stung by back billing – where your energy supplier can claim monies owed from billing mistakes. UK legislation means your energy supplier can go back anything up to 6 years which can be a headache for any business.

Our specialised team offer a holistic approach to bureau services to suit each client’s requirements. We help validate your bills to pick up on any previous anomalies and ensure every energy bill is 100% accurate.

BrightSourced Energy have carried out a range of services for us, including negotiation of all our energy supply contracts, in-house energy conservation projects and monthly bill monitoring to prevent overcharges.

They have always saved us money, and in one year saved us nearly £10,000 on one utility alone.

The services offered have enabled us to concentrate on our core business activities whilst leaving the important area of energy conservation to professionals with an excellent track record.

Giles Berkley, Managing Director, Silverfield

Energy Bill Validation

  • We collect and collate all your utility invoices
  • Your energy bills and meter readings are uploaded onto our specialised database and thoroughly scrutinised by one of our validation experts
  • We analyse every aspect of your bill including invoice dates, capacity charges, supply points, VAT charges etc. to ensure you are paying the correct amount
  • Should any validation checks fail, we liaise directly with the supplier on your behalf to resolve the error and get it amended without delay

Energy Portfolio Management

  • We manage your complete utility portfolio no matter the size of your business or how many sites you have
  • We can send you bespoke energy reports for your requirements from a wide range of variables including your cost and consumption trends and market projections
  • We will liaise with your supplier on your behalf for terminations, addition and removal of sites
  • We can handle all invoice reminders and threats of disconnection