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“BrightSourced has helped Asda deliver incredible efficiencies and impressive savings across both our GFR and GNFR categories. They have achieved this through their in-depth procurement expertise, their market knowledge and their ability to utilise the most appropriate software platform for our needs. I would highly recommend them to any organisation.”

Category Manager, Asda

“Although we have only just engaged with Brightsourced, the experience has been extremely positive with immediate potential FOB (free on board) savings visible, on which we are currently following up. The exciting thing going forward, is the applicability of the process to both product and GNFR within business units or across retailers where applicable.


The thoroughness of the preparation and then the follow up, ensures that incumbent suppliers are not necessarily ‘scared’ by this intervention and results in a ‘learning curve’ for suppliers and buyers/vendors alike of the art of the possible.”

Rob Taylor, Managing Director, Pepco

“BrightSourced adds significant value to our Trading teams. Their detailed fully managed approach, not only puts our incumbent suppliers at ease with the process, but their global supplier search capability, often presents new relevant suppliers for Buying teams to potentially work with. Add this to their best in class approach, to ensure the most competitive market price is achieved, then I would highly recommend BrightSourced as a partner and an extension of any Trading team.”

Barry Williams, Managing Director, Poundland

“BrightSourced have become one of our key partners. Since 2011 they have managed long term, key procurement projects for us, helping to secure the best deals possible from our suppliers in terms of product quality, price and service.


We enjoy working with the team at BrightSourced and we are constantly pleased to see the value they provide to our bottom line.”

Head of Purchasing – Renshaw Napier

“BrightSourced managed the whole process on our behalf and saved us over 60% on our water retail costs, which in a trust of our size, is a tremendous saving!


Their expertise in this field coupled with their innovative technology, ensured professional delivery and a transparent and compliant result.”

Mr Bradley Royden-JonesSenior Procurement Lead

“BrightSourced Energy have carried out a range of services for us, including negotiation of all our energy supply contracts, in-house energy conservation projects and monthly bill monitoring to prevent overcharges.


They have always saved us money, and in one year saved us nearly £10,000 on one utility alone. The services offered have enabled us to concentrate on our core business activities whilst leaving the important area of energy conservation to professionals with an excellent track record.”

Giles Berkley, Managing Director, Silverfield

“Redrow Homes have a long standing and ongoing relationship with BrightSourced Energy who’s efficient and professional approach have consistently enabled us to broker the best deals available for electricity and gas supplies for our divisional offices across the UK. More recently, they have provided us with valuable assistance in collating data in connection with CRC and carbon footprint reporting and I would thoroughly recommend their services”

Nigel Smith, Research and Sustainability Director

Along with payroll and maintenance, utilities are a major expense in a centre as large as this. We employed the services of BrightSourced Energy back in 2011 and have found the assistance provided by Debbie and the team invaluable in negotiating and setting up utility contracts.


Over the years, with their help and advice, we have been able to reduce our electricity and gas consumption dramatically. More recently, since the deregulation of the commercial water market in April 2017, BrightSourced Energy have saved us over 16% annually on our water bills alone which is fantastic!


During the time that we have been involved with BrightSourced Energy we have been approached by many other organisations involved in energy conservation, but to date none have been able to match or better the service we receive.

Lesley Blakemore, Admin / Personnel Manager

“In 2016 we decided to move into the tapas market and found the change brought about high electricity costs.


We were contending with trying to build a new business and just didn’t have the time or the manpower to source a new supplier and sought the help of BrightSourced Energy.


As well as taking away all the hassle, they managed to save us a significant amount on our electricity bills which was more than we could have hoped for.”

Glen Stewart, Managing Director

“We were keen to reduce our utility costs and increase our energy efficiency and BrightSourced delivered on both.


The savings they procured for us were more than we could have hoped for.


This coupled with their level of proficiency left no hesitations in recommending their services to our sister company Caterlink, so they too could reap the benefits.”

Richard Cooke – Finance Director

“Through a successful partnership with BrightSourced for our water procurement, we decided to employ their services to carry out an historical energy audit across all 3 utilities.

They managed to recover circa £500K of overcharges. We couldn’t of been happier with the results which proved once again that BrightSourced deliver on their promises.”

Mr Bradley Royden-JonesSenior Procurement Lead

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